Report by Chairman

Lake Parish Council Annual Report 2021-2022

I wish to start by thanking all my fellow Councillors, and our Clerk, for all their help, hard work and support during the last year.

Precept and Council Tax

 Currently there is significant pressure on household budgets from inflation running at 5.5%, an increase of 5% on Council Tax, and further increases in energy costs. Against this background Lake Parish Councillors voted unanimously for a zero increase in the Town’s precept, the part of your Council Tax bill that is passed on to the Town.

Central Government is aware of the pressure on household budgets and is arranging for a Council Tax refund of £150 to most households in bands A to D. This payment will be made directly to all households paying by direct debit. If you do not currently use direct debit, now might be a good time to consider transferring to this method of payment.


 We have had numerous discussions about safety on the revetment and taken the lead on setting up the revetment working party. Several issues have been discussed, and actions now need to be taken.


 Over the last year the Council has carefully considered what is needed to maintain and improve the 3 toilet facilities we are responsible for. The were some vague plans and ideas that we inherited for the previous Council, but we all agreed that those plans were ill thought out, and no public consultation has happened, especially in relation to New Road.

What we agreed was to invest in a new Danfo toilet block for Lake Cliff Gardens, which will begin later this year and have carried out a total refurbishment of the revetment Toilets. We have managed to do these projects within our resources, rather than needing to increase the precept.

Plans for the New Road toilets will be considered for 2023, which could be for new toilets to include a meeting room, or just replacement units. Whatever we decide we commit to carry out a consultation with the public.

Finally, on toilets, we have awarded our cleaning contract to Danfo following a robust tendering process.


 Investment in youth has been a focus of the last 12 months. We have been working with Julian Wadsworth the IOW Community Resilience Coordinator to supply youth facilities in the area, which have now started, but with more to do.

We have also supported Broadlea Primary school with help for the funding of their new Library, and Sandown & Lake Youth Football Club with the installation of CCTV and supplying them with end of season medals and trophies.

Planning & Enforcement

 There has been several planning applications for Lake over the last year that we have diligently discussed as a Council, raising objections if appropriate.

We have also had to deal with enforcement issues on the Land behind KFC and the Premier Inn, and unauthorised activities on the Car Lot, and Lake Community Gardens. I believe it’s a key role of a Council to review all planning applications, and to raise any concerns through the correct channels.

Personally, it has been a real honour to have been the Chair of the Parish Council for the last year. I feel as a Council we have achieved a lot of our goals, our meetings have been well conducted, and all Councillors have been fully engaged and encouraged to participate, whilst being respectful of each other’s views and opinions. Residents are welcome to attend these monthly meetings and I hope more will do so this coming year. I very much hope this spirit of council and community collaboration continues into the future.

Cllr Paul Brading

Chair of Lake Parish Council