Marking the passing of Queen Elizabeth 11

At 6.45pm, 8th Sept, on hearing the sad news that the Queen had passed the Union Jack at Thearle’s Green was lowered to half mast, by Cllr Marshall

In accordance with Government protocol and to recognise the accession of Prince Charles to King Charles 111, at  Saturday the 10th at 9am the Union Jack was raised to full mast, by Cllr Whittaker

In accordance with Government protocol at 1pm the Union Jack was returned to half mast, by Cllr Marshall

In attendance were Cllr Brading, Cllr Whittaker, and Cllr Marshall

The Parish Council continue to be saddened by the passing of our Queen and send our thoughts and condolences to her family.

We are happy that her eldest child Prince Charles became King and the Parish Council on behalf of all the residents of Lake, wish His Majesty King Charles 111, a long and healthy reign.

‘God Save The King .’

There will be a memorial service as 11 am Friday 16th at Thearle’s Green and all residents are cordially invited,  and are welcome to lay flowers in remembrance.